Nike – The Gift of Play


When I was a kid, my dad came home from work quite late. Since the supply for him was low, my demand for dad-time was naturally quite high. And frankly, I missed the guy. I was young, but I could grasp the concept that he was working his butt off so I could have a pair of Jordan 4’s – made perfect sense.


But, I think the REALLY memorable moments I shared with my pops were the ones where he took some time out of his busy day to play basketball or catch with me. It meant something, and we as kids didn’t quite understand why it felt good to be the priority. We knew it felt good though, and we were drunk with happiness when it happened. These moments were like the intangible building blocks that helped to navigate how we matured and understood the world around us. I wanted to convey that joy that these kids feel when they realize: Hey, I’m getting more than just material gifts that symbolize my parents love – I’m actually getting my parents’ love.


I directed three Nike spots in celebration of Children’s Day. These are a series of director’s cuts depicting the best Children’s Day present ever: The Gift of Play.